Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upcoming Shoots for the Milwaukee Photography Meetup Group

On March 9th, we will be having another planning session for this year's HELP PORTRAIT event. Last year's event was FANTASTIC!!! We served over 180 families. This year, we hope to make it even BIGGER and BETTER! Join us to help plan it out.

Also, somewhere around the end of April, or the beginning of May, we will be having a meetup at WAYNE'S DAUGHTER GREENHOUSE to photograph flowers that will be blooming. We are trying to work out an exact day and time, so be sure to stay tuned! Be sure you have a tripod and macro lens for this one. Or, if not a macro lens, at least a closeup filter!

Also, if you haven't already done so, please complete the poll in which we ask what kind of image editing workshops you would like to see us put on. Photoshop basics seems to be in the lead, but the group is definitely leaning towards Adobe products of all kinds, including Adobe Photoshop Elements.

And last, Studio MLP will be putting on another FREE Class, this time focusing (har!) on Digital Camera Basics. Ever wonder what that setting was for in some arcane menu on your camera? This will be the place to find out!