Friday, May 21, 2010

Ten Ways to Make Your Images POP in Photoshop!!

So, Coming this July, we will be having a MONSTER of a Photoshoot/Workshop. June's event is gonna be awesome as well, but JULY? Boy howdy! The official announcement will be June 1st, but, keep an eye out for a Studio MLP event near the end of July (sometime between the 22nd and the 26th... shhhhhh.) We will be flying in talent from around the country. And, among this sea of talent, I will be putting on a 1 hour Photoshop workshop on enhancing images in Photoshop.

I often get comments from people about how they like my lighting, or asking me how I got so much texture on a surface, well, while lighting does play a role, a LOT of my images aren't much of anything until I whip a little Photoshop on them. I'll be showing off TEN of my favorite tricks to enhance lighting, contrast, and texture in my images. Add to that a few other instructors who REALLY know what they are doing, as well as an opportunity to work with models coming in from all over the country, and this is going to be a GREAT weekend..

Until then, take a look at one of my favorite Photoshop books.. It has some GREAT techniques in it to really take your images to the next level. And, a dang good price if I do say so myself.