Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lemme just go ahead and pick that name up...

Hey, some big names at the studio this past Sunday! Erinn Finlan stopped by.. Beautiful wedding work. Go check her out on Smugmug. What, name isn't big enough for you? OK, how about Paul Ruffolo? Another great area photographer. He's at Smugmug, too. What? Still not big enough for you. Geez, you don't impress easy.

OK then, how about Author, Trainer, and Photoshop Guy, Dave Cross? That better?

As you know, Dave taught a standing room only crowd at the Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee Monday. I know it was standing room only, because Frank showed up late and had to stand for the first part because there were no chairs left.

Dave came to do a little shooting at Studio MLP on Sunday with models Danielle and Brianna. There is a possibility that you MIGHT see one of his Danielle images in an upcoming tutorial of Dave's as we got some very cool images!

As demonstrated by this photograph, there is no photographic evidence that Jim Bunker was there as well.

OK, aside from the fact that Jim took the picture above..